About the Artist

Born in Marblehead, MA, Candace Stella is a contemporary oil painter focusing on landscape, often including horses.  Her serene paintings emanate a sense of peace and quietude, expressing the various moods of the New England climate.  "Painting rlchly textured landscapes evoke memories and sense of place that bring me tranquility in a chaotic world."

Stella's passion for paint began at a young age.  In 1989, she earned a BFA from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA.  Following school, she studied with Sam Feinstein and in Italy, Russian impressionist, Vitaly Makarov.

Stella's artwork has been shown in New England, Vancouver, Canada, Florida, New Mexico and Greece and is featured in the Korsei Institute of Fourni, Greece.  Her book, Ebb and Flow, is available in local gift shops in Ipswich, MA.